If you are in debt to the IRS and have no way of paying what you owe, then you might be very
interested in learning about IRS debt relief. There is help waiting for you if you are willing to talk
to a professional tax lawyer or consultant. You need to take immediate action if you owe money
for current or back taxes.

The IRS has many ways to get the money from you and you need someone with extensive tax
knowledge to help you work with the IRS to find a resolution to your tax problems. The IRS can
issue federal tax liens and garnishments against you and can also send you intimidating
notices. It even makes ugly phone calls on occasion.

IRS Debt Relief

The IRS wants its money but in today’s difficult economic times, it is sometimes willing to settle
for less from taxpayers who just don’t have the funds to pay their taxes. It evaluates each tax
payer’s individual financial circumstances carefully and tries to find some kind of resolution to
the tax liability. In order to save money in the long run, the IRS offers tax relief programs to
taxpayers with past due federal income tax liabilities. The most common programs offered by
the IRS are Offer in Compromise (OIC), Installment Agreement and Currently Not Collectible

You can work directly with the IRS or, preferably, with a taxpayer advocate service. A taxpayer
advocate is well trained in all of the components of federal income tax law and will look after
your best interests when dealing with the IRS. The IRS is staffed by people of various levels of
knowledge and they often don’t seem to have the skills necessary to help you with your tax debt
problems. If this is the case, then a taxpayer advocate is someone you ought to see

He or she will gather your information, evaluate your options and talk directly to the IRS for you.
The advocate will treat you fairly and competently which might be lacking with some IRS staff
members. IRS debt relief is a way that you can decrease or eliminate your debt to the IRS.
Providing accurate information and obtaining the right advice is necessary in order to assure
that your interests are a top priority.

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